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Sunday, March 01, 2009

cosumnes river preserve...

Got to check out the Cosumnes River Preserve yesterday and shoot a few photos. I was using the Sigma 50-500mm (the Bigma) on a Kenko 1.5x teleconverter on my Pentax K20D, and while the results weren't universally good, they weren't universally bad either - I did get some sharp photos, and it was a good time...

I'm no bird expert, so feel free to fill me in on names I don't know or correct me on what I got wrong ;).

Here are some of the better shots...

(click to see a larger version)...


Black Necked Stilt (identified by Marc L, a real bird photographer. - Thanks Marc.)

Red Wing Blackbird

Sandhill Cranes


Great Blue Heron