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Monday, March 31, 2008

new site preview...

hey, i'm working on a new site to display my photos... a preview is up here.

now a purely hypothetical frequently asked questions section (since obviously no one has asked a question on this yet...)

why the new site?
  • because i wanted a way for you to easily give me feedback in the form of comments and ratings on the each shot. this also gives me a nicer somewhat more professional (uniform) looking gallery format.

  • yeah the new site lets you fill in optional comments and / or check a box to rate the shot, and when you submit the info, it's emailed to me...sorry you'll have to enter a valid email address for this to work, but i swear that i'll never disclose those addresses (without legal reason, though I can't imagine one off the top of my head - that's it, my whole privacy policy), it's not advanced enough to remember your settings, just a feedback mechanism. BTW, this aspect doesn't work yet (should later today)

why that silly site name, "fstop.110mb.com"?
  • well f-stop is the aperture setting on a camera lens which dictates depth of field. I picked that part.
  • 110mb.com is the free site hosting service I'm trying out - and they dictate the domain name!
check it out...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

mostly flora

some from table mtn. some from home. the poison oak pictures make me itch...

Monday, March 24, 2008

Friday, March 21, 2008

big birds - no snuffleupagus

our friend traci works at a local "outdoors" type school, and they have some birds which are unable to be released into the wild, but are great for the kids to see (and the odd photographer when they're all outside their enclosures on cleaning day (the birds, not the photographers))

nice around here

i'm trying out adobe lightroom which is sweet for managing and 'developing' raw photos. a nice side benefit is that it produces slick flash photo galleries so you'll probably be seeing more like this...

also, i'm hoping to start selling some of my photos, and i'd love to have some feedback on which ones you all think are best...so leave me a message in the comments here or email me if you want. thanks.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

south fork t.

got some nice photos last night in the canyon of the s. fork tuolumne.
IMGP3521_lzn IMGP3507 IMGP3524_lzn1 IMGP3584_lzn1 IMGP3552_lzn1 IMGP3538_lzn IMGP3569_lzn1 IMGP3554_lzn1 IMGP3555_lzn1 IMGP3536 IMGP3537_lzn IMGP3546_lzn IMGP3527_lzn1 IMGP3567_lzn1 IMGP3550_lzn1

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


got my new camera... pentax k200d. very nice.

has spring sprung? some (plants) say yes...
IMGP3050.JPG IMGP2937.JPG IMGP3009.JPG IMGP3016.JPG IMGP3032.JPG <--- "Freedom!!!"

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

merced sunrise

i was driving to L.A. the other morning, trying to ignore the great light, when that became impossible...