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Sunday, August 10, 2008


Yes, I've once more upgraded and changed my photo gallery site. This blogspot address will continue to be what it has been lately, with quick photo posts now and then, and some info on equipment etc. The fstop.110mb.com site will continue to exist for now, but it's also depricated, as I finally went about getting a domain name all my own... wildlandphotos.com. For a few days it was pointed at my 110mb account, but I was struggling to put together a sales system which was still gonna be kludgy junk, and I said, "there's got to be a better way"...

Enter smugmug... They are a photo hosting site which offers quality print ordering built into their gallery pages... sweet, and I can point my domain at it and customize to my hearts content.

Over the next weeks and months you'll see some changes to the look and organization of my galleries on the wildlandphotos.com site, but it'll be my site for the forseeable future. BTW, if you have any feedback re. the new site, you're welcome to send it to me at josh (@) wildlandphotos.com. I'd love to hear you criticism of the new site.