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Monday, March 31, 2008

new site preview...

hey, i'm working on a new site to display my photos... a preview is up here.

now a purely hypothetical frequently asked questions section (since obviously no one has asked a question on this yet...)

why the new site?
  • because i wanted a way for you to easily give me feedback in the form of comments and ratings on the each shot. this also gives me a nicer somewhat more professional (uniform) looking gallery format.

  • yeah the new site lets you fill in optional comments and / or check a box to rate the shot, and when you submit the info, it's emailed to me...sorry you'll have to enter a valid email address for this to work, but i swear that i'll never disclose those addresses (without legal reason, though I can't imagine one off the top of my head - that's it, my whole privacy policy), it's not advanced enough to remember your settings, just a feedback mechanism. BTW, this aspect doesn't work yet (should later today)

why that silly site name, "fstop.110mb.com"?
  • well f-stop is the aperture setting on a camera lens which dictates depth of field. I picked that part.
  • 110mb.com is the free site hosting service I'm trying out - and they dictate the domain name!
check it out...