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Sunday, January 18, 2009

High Desert Panorama...

Shot from the top of the hills in the center of this map, the pano looks northeast across the western end of the Antelope Valley,
which is the western end of the Mojave desert.

The town of Tehachapi is about 30 mi. northeast behind the mountains center-left, and
downtown Los Angeles is about 50 mi. away behind and to the right of the camera.

click the photo to see a larger version (do it - it looks better)

To create this shot I took 15 shots hand-held with the DA*16-50 @ 16mm f/8 1/200 iso 100. Initial PP (curves, vignette correction) applied in Lr,
then individual shots exported and stitched w/ Hugin and then the final tiff was edited in PS for color and contrast.