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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

it's up!

hey! just lettin' you know that my new photo gallery is up and basically fully operational (not many photos on it yet...soon). it's at http://fstop.110mb.com/ but i'll make a permanent link somewhere at the top of this page for those of you who don't change your bookmarks.

all my best shots old and new will be available there. this site will be updated less frequently if at all... it may become more of a real blog. we'll see.

as you peruse my new site, i'd appreciate hearing about any bugs or errors you find. there's a contact link that'll tell you how to email me. thanks.

btw - I signed that site up for the amazon affiliate program so if you're planning on shopping for something on amazon.com, you can search for it from my site, and a small percentage of your purchase price will go to helping me support my photography addiction. more info at the site. don't worry, the adds are on a dedicated ad page, not strewn around the gallery.